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Nottinghamshire is known for many things. From the legends of Sherwood Forest where the local outlaw hero Robin Hood roamed freely in his tirade against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham, to the rolling hills around Eastwood where the county favourite writer and poet D.H Lawrence played in childhood and took inspiration from for much of his work. Or even the leading Romanticist Lord Byron who hailed from Newstead Abbey. Across this fair “country of my heart” lives an enriched history and culture that we still love to celebrate today.

Quite simply, Nottinghamshire is one of the best counties in the land. We all know it, and any who visit recognise it too. Between its boasting tourist industry founded on the attraction of Robin Hood’s legend and our renowned hospitality there is nowhere quite like Nottinghamshire. Here at Hog Roast Retford we are proud to be from Nottinghamshire, and for all your events across this humble land we’re serving up a feast that would even have Little John salivating.

Hog Roast Retford specialises in hog roast event dining – a traditional dish that one would not be surprised to see on an evening with Hood and his band of Merry Men. This pork beauty is an easy favourite, and at Hog Roast Retford we can guarantee it will liven up your next event, wherever it may be!

Forget the dour Odour of Chrysanthemums this year. Say hello instead to the delicious aromas of a good old fashioned hog roast. We’ll have your event chomping at the bit to get their hands on this pork beauty as we cook throughout the day in the proper style of genuine slow cook hog roasting.

It is a spectacle in cooking itself that even Lord Byron himself would have a few romanticised words to wax poetically about! The poet may have travelled the globe trying all sorts of wonderful foods and cultures, but we have little doubt that when all is said and done he would adore to have come back to a proper, hearty Nottinghamshire roast.

With prices this good too there would be no argument from Robin Hood himself with how we serve you. Here at Hog Roast Retford we are proud to boast a high-end, premium dining experience without the high-end costs. Our stylish dinners work to your budgets because quite simply, much like Robin Hood and the legend of this county, we believe in serving all. There are no barriers when it comes to fine dining with Hog Roast Retford, so get on over today!