Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent

Fed up with event dining experiences that are not giving you the right quality for your money? Looking for a truly unique food experience at your next event? Well then look no further: Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent have all you need and more for your next event in Newark-on-Trent. We are a fine meats event caterer with a difference. Our uniquely made hog roasts provide a touch of magic and stylish spectacle to the day as well as insanely great tastes. This isn’t your run of mill event catering.

Hog Roast Newark-on-TrentWhen it comes to proper event dining you need to go a little above and beyond the regular oven cooks and frozen ready meal affairs. Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent provides this precisely. Our 20+ years in the business has seen us raise up many an event with exquisite foods, great service, and a novel dining experience that truly impresses.  And, what’s more, since we believe in giving everyone this once in a lifetime experience we ensure that our services are always flexible and low on cost! So, what are you waiting around for? For your weddings, corporate functions, private parties, festivals and more grab a slice of Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent today.

If you’ve got a special event needing fed we’ve got the means to impress. Our hog roast is a perfect addition to any day. For one, who doesn’t love an elegant yet simple roast? Secondly, this British speciality adds a novel sight to the day as we prepare and slow cook in the traditional hog roast style with a proper fire pit cook. You’ll be chomping at the bit to finally get your hands on this grand old roast!


New Dining in Newark-on-Trent


Hog Roast Newark-on-TrentDespite our most traditional dish, Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent is the trendy way to dine this year! Gone are the stale sandwiches and oven ready meals and arriving are the fresh, vibrant meals of today with Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent. Our variety of dishes will ensure a stylish and tasty affair at your event. Whatever your event needs Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent provides!

So, don’t miss out! Get on over to our site now or give us a friendly call to bring Hog Roast Newark-on-Trent to your next event!